Other accesories

NLG Helmet Lanyard

Never Let Go 141404001

The hi-vis, high-stretch elastic design of the Helmet Lanyard make it the cost-effective and comfortable choice to keep hard...

Purchase price 42,00 DKK

Never Let Go 141404008

The MEWP Tool Bag is a large tool bag designed to quickly attach an approved rail on an elevated working platform or scaffold...

Purchase price 1.326,00 DKK
NLG Aero Pouch™

Never Let Go 141404005

Featuring an innovative valve closure system, the NLG Aero Pouch™ is the safest way to keep small parts and fixings at your s...

Purchase price 418,00 DKK
NLG Ascent Bucket™

Never Let Go 141404003

The NLG Ascent Bucket™ is the world’s most advanced lifting and storage bucket for working at height. The NLG Ascent Bucket™...

Purchase price 1.233,00 DKK
NLG Ascent Bucket™ Lid

Never Let Go 141404006

The Ascent Bucket™ Lid is a sensible addition to the Ascent Bucket™, preventing water or fine debris coming in and an extra s...

Purchase price 214,00 DKK
NLG Tablet Case

Never Let Go 141404015

The NLG Tablet Case makes it safe and easy to use iPads and other similarly sized electronic equipment when working at height...

Purchase price 355,00 DKK
NLG Linesman Bag

Never Let Go 141404007

The Linesman Bag is a versatile tool tethering bag with a complete closure system built in and 8 anchor points for tool lanya...

Purchase price 944,00 DKK
NLG Transit Bag

Never Let Go 141404009

The NLG Transit Bag is a large drop prevention bag that has been developed for storing and lifting large equipment safely whe...

Purchase price 4.026,00 DKK
NLG Phone Case

Never Let Go 141404014

The NLG Phone Case provides a safe tether point for a tool lanyard whilst retaining the full smartphone functionality, includ...

Purchase price 149,00 DKK
NLG Ascent Pouch™

Never Let Go 141404011

The NLG Ascent Pouch™ redefines the rope access tool bag with a focus on safety and ergonomics. The NLG Ascent Pouch™ has bee...

Purchase price 516,00 DKK
NLG Radio Pouch

Never Let Go 141404013

The NLG Radio Pouch is the new generation holster for radios of all sizes when working at height. The NLG Radio Pouch is the...

Purchase price 194,00 DKK
NLG Coil Helmet Lanyard

Never Let Go 141404004

The Coil Helmet Lanyard is easy to clean and maintain and provides a compact high-performance alternative to the webbing helm...

Purchase price 63,00 DKK